Prime objective of “Society Management Services” is to maintain the entire society of a residential apartment which includes Security services, Amenity Management and all other related maintenance services which are needed in the society.

The success of this Society Management not only depends on the efficiency of our professionals but also on the co-operation and support of the residents.
  1. 24 X 7  Security service
  2. Household Maintenance
  3. Common area Maintenance
  4. Ad – on services.
  5. 24 X 7  phone assistants
  6.  Early resolution provider
  7.  Maintaining a good client relation
  8. Help the residents in organizing birthday parties etc.


1.   Security Service :

  1. Highly trained
  2. Professional
  3. 24 X 7 service
  4. 24 X 7 on phone availability
  5. Committed to provide resolution as soon as possible.

2.    Household Maintenance  

a)      Electricity: The electrician will be responsible for the maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure. Any complaints regarding electrical disorder in the apartment would be solved by our expert electrician present providing 12 X 7 services for which an additional amount will be charged as per the cost.

3.      Plumbing: Any issues regarding plumbing will be solved by the plumber present on the site.

 4.     Housekeeping: Our housekeeping staff would be responsible to keep the common area, lift and the campus clean and hygienic.

5.      Ad – on Services: We will provide instructors for gymnasium and swimming.


  1. We provide quick resolution to any problem in the society to make it problem free. The interest of the residents will always be taken care of so that they find a safe, secure and perfect home to dwell.
  2. By providing the Society Management service we are helping the residents to save their time, energy and mind.
  3. We are committed to provide prompt customer services to the residents that will help us to create a strong relationship bond.
  4. We will also arrange for celebrations on national days for which a minimal amount would be charged as per the requirement.

                   Besides the above mentioned services there might be some customized services which will be intimated to all the residents of the society as per terms and conditions.